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Feeling confused or stuck in your dating?
Rachel Burnham will help you navigate to connection and lifelong companionship.

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    Rachel’s deep experience and expertise comes from the trenches. She dated for 14 years. Hundreds of men, thousands of dates. Between her own experience and those of the countless clients she’s counseled she’s successfully confronted virtually every scenario in modern dating.

    Rachel’s coaching approach is to minimize time to value. Within one session you’ll already have actionable tips and guidance that will allow you to make dating decisions with more clarity and confidence.

    Who Does Rachel Help


    Rachel coaches singles of all ages and meaningfully improves dating experiences and outcomes for both men and women.

    Parents and Friends

    Dating can be stressful for the parents of singles as well as for others who care and support them. Rachel guides this “support team” so that they can provide what singles most need in the moment and long term.



    Best places to find quality dates

    Decision making

    Should I go out? Should I continue? Should I break this off?

    Resume review and prep

    Online and
    virtual dating
    Coming off a
    broken engagement
    Am I ready to date? Should I take a break?
    Dating research

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    Available when you need her, nights and weekends, after dates, when there’s a tough decision, call anytime!

    Decade + of experience helping men and women, from large and small communities, and at all levels of Jewish observance and connection.
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    We’ve been dating for months and have really been on the fence as to how we should move forward.

    It’s taken me 10-15 sessions with a psychologist to accomplish what we’ve done in this marathan conversation

    M&E Consultant, Upper West Side, Manhattan

    Rachel is an AMAZING shidduch dating coach. Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to date without her help. Dating in your 30’s as a Baal Teshuva is stressful and difficult and emotional.

    Rachel is the calm in the storm, keeping me grounded and level-headed as I go out with different guys. I really appreciate her support and guidance and am grateful that I know her.

    Software Developer, San Fransisco, CA

    Over the course of my dating life, I found myself in many confusing situations. Thank G-d someone suggested I speak to Rachel Burnham. I’m normally a very skeptical person and I have a very high standard for who I confide in, but immediately I found she was someone I could trust.

    Rachel is intelligent, experienced, and confident. I also find her easy to talk to and very “with-it”. Throughout my relationship with her as a mentor, she was never afraid to speak candidly about sensitive topics or speak very directly to me about what she thought I needed to hear. Best of all, she never talked down to me.

    I very much trusted her opinion and found her advice to be spot-on. Over the years or so that I would speak with her, she saved me from countless big mistakes that would have been very no doubt been very painful!

    Business Management, Ceaderhurst, NY

    Having spent many years searching for a husband, Rachel helped smooth the rocky roads of those years. With patience, she gave me the invitation to talk over my feelings.

    Her insight and encouragement gave me the tools to help develop a relationship and make informed decisions ultimately leading to the most important decision of my life.

    I will be forever indebted to Rachel for her guidance during the most crucial point of my life. Baruch Hashem today I am happily married and Rachel helped me get to this moment of my life!

    Teacher, Far Rockaway, NY

    We’ve only had two sessions and you’ve already given me so much more than the many therapists I’ve spoken to. I really appreciate it!

    Speech Therapist, Montreal, Canada

    Working with Rachel has been a tremendously positive experience for me.  It’s a pleasure speaking with someone who has so much coaching experience and perspective on how to cultivate healthy relationships.


    She has helped guide me in my relationship not only by providing very helpful and honest advice when needed, but also by giving me and my partner valuable tools and resources needed to grow together long term.

    Engineer, Los Angeles, CA

    As an older single, I have had a hard time in my dating career. I found Rachel to be an open-minded and very rational dating coach. I never felt like she was telling me to do things a certain way or giving me a one size fits all approach to dating and relationships.

    Rachel has much wisdom and insight to share and she did so in a very honest, non-judgemental way. I am currently dating someone very seriously and it is in no doubt thanks to Rachel that it has progressed this far!

    Accountant, Silver Spring, MD

    Rachel has guided me through the dating process many times. She has so much insight and understands the nuances and subtleties of difficult dating situations.

    Through talking to her, I felt empowered to follow my gut instincts and make good dating decisions. Rachel encouraged me to narrow down ‘my list’ and be realistic in my expectations and what I am looking for in a spouse. I am so grateful to Rachel for her help – I couldn’t have done it without her!

    Therapist, London, UK

    I will forever be indebted to Rachel for her guidance, inspiration and tough love. I was married for 23 years in an empty marriage filled with deep resentment, loneliness, and abuse. When my husband passed away I found myself in one sided unfulfilling relationships again.

    This all ended when I met Rachel. I began to feel my own value and would not tolerate a man who did not treat me with the respect, dignity, and preciousness which I so richly deserved. With great kindness from Hashem I am now married to a wonderful warm caring and loving man. Please do whatever Rachel tells you. I will forever be in her debt. I love her and so will you!!

    Nurse, Denver, CO

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